About Us

About Lancaster County Fire Rescue

Lancaster County Fire Rescue is supported by Lancaster County Government. Our operations are driven by our volunteer firefighters. Their work is necessary for us to provide protection for the entire county. Volunteer fire departments are supported by career fire service personnel who organize training, maintain records, repair vehicles, report incidents to state and national boards, and manage the relationship between our county government and the Lancaster County Fire Commission.

All of our volunteer firefighters are trained to the very highest standards. Training is provided in both basic as well as specialized firefighting. Our firefighters respond to fire and medical emergencies, working with other first responders in Lancaster County. We also maintain state agreements for mutual aid response.

Our funding comes from the county but is supplemented by grants and fundraising efforts throughout the year. We appreciate the support that our communities give to each of our volunteer fire departments. This only helps to strengthen the bonds between our organizations and the people we serve.

The Lancaster County Council appoints 19 members to the county Fire Commission. Each commissioner represents the citizens of their district in discussions regarding planning, equipment, budgets, personnel, and other administrative tasks.

In all that we do, our staff and volunteers are here to serve the people of Lancaster County. We take our responsibilities very seriously and are proud to work with the best equipment available. We’re ready to answer the call whenever you need us.

Lancaster County Fire Departments

Antioch Fire Department
Station 1 
(All Volunteer)
3015 Taxahaw Road
Lancaster, SC 29720
Chief: Phillip Hall
Deputy Chief: Eric Flynn
Battalion Chief: Chris Adams

Bell Town Fire Department
Station 2 
(All Volunteer)
4600 Great Falls Hwy
Lancaster, SC 29720
Chief: Tony Gainer
Assistant Chief: Timmy Baker
Assistant Chief: Darren Player

Buford Fire Department
Station 3 
(All Volunteer)
1893 N. Rocky River Road
Lancaster, SC 29720
Chief: William Morris
Assistant Chief: Perry Clanton

Camp Creek Fire Department
Station 4 
(All Volunteer)
2386 Camp Creek Road
Lancaster, SC 29720
Chief: Toby Roberts
Assistant Chief: Alex Wiseman

Van Wyck Fire Department
Station 5

(All Volunteer)
4455 Old Hickory Road
Lancaster, SC 29720
Chief: Craig Roof
Assitant Chief: Mark Carnes

Elgin Fire Department
Station 6
 (All Volunteer)
114 Tram Road
Lancaster, SC 29720
Chief: Brooks Faulkenberry
Deputy Chief: Bobby Hudson

Flat Creek
Fire Department
Station 7 
(All Volunteer)
7563 Flat Creek Road
Kershaw, SC 29067
Chief: Britt Blackmon
Assistant Chief: Ken Sims

Gooches Fire Department
Station 8
 (All Volunteer)
1594 Grace Avenue
Lancaster, SC 29720
Chief: Randy Hardin
Assistant Chief: Terry Ward

Heath Springs Fire Department
Station 9

(All Volunteer)
103 Duncan Street
Heath Springs, SC 29058
Chief: Jonathan Payne
Assistant Chief: Joey Plyler

Indian Land Fire Department
Station 10

(Combination Paid/Volunteer)
185 Six Mile Creek Road
Lancaster, SC 29720
Chief: Chris Miller
Assistant Chief: Marshall Gibbs

Kershaw Fire Department
Station 11

(Combination Paid/Volunteer)
110 S. Hampton Street
Kershaw, SC 29067
Chief: Larry Ammons
Deputy Chief: Jeremy Sims
Assistant Chief: Chuck Derrick

McDonald Green Fire Department Station 12
(All Volunteer)
2787 Lynwood Drive
Lancaster, SC 29720
Chief: Clint Sowell
Assistant Chief: Larry Pegram

Pleasant Valley Fire Department
Station 14
 (Combination Paid/Volunteer)
9370 Possum Hollow Road
Indian Land, SC 29707
Chief: Greg Nicholson
Assistant Chief: Josh Honeycut
Assistant Chief: Bradley Fulk

Rich Hill Fire Department
Station 15
 (All Volunteer)
3089 Rocky River Road
Heath Springs, SC 29058
Chief: Stacy Roberts
Assistant Chief: Scott Barton

Riverside Fire Department
Station 16
 (All Volunteer)
1875 Riverside Road
Lancaster, SC 29720
Chief: Stephen Gardner
Assistant Chief: Adrian Caskey

Shiloh Zion Fire Department
Station 17
 (All Volunteer)
703 Monroe Hwy
Lancaster, SC 29720
Chief: Sam Plyler
Assistant Chief: Tom Lever

Tradesville Fire Department
Station 18

(All Volunteer)
2145 Old Camden Monroe Hwy
Lancaster, SC 29720
Chief: Jason Laney
Assistant Chief: Marvin Catoe

Unity Fire Department
Station 19

(All Volunteer)
2495 Shiloh Unity Road
Lancaster, SC 29720
Chief: Jay Hayes
Assitant Chief: Richard Cauthen

Lancaster City Fire Department
Station 20

(Combination Paid/Volunteer)
401 East Arch Street
Lancaster, SC 29720
Chief: Justin McLellan
Deputy Chief: David Melton